23 March 2012

Agat 18k - is an inexpensive, lightweight, plastic, spy, weird, half frame camera that let you take 72 pictures in standard 36 35mm roll. I was going to take all 72 but the counter was not working and i was not sure if the camera is working so took probably 50 photos of nothing just to get it developed as soon as possible. To be honest I was not expecting anything from something that looks like straight from the kinder egg. And I didn't get much, it is a cheap crappy camera and photos are pretty poor. I love it tho! I cant wait for getting another 72 photos soon :) Got it from my Nanny when went home for Christmas last year. She bought it years ago at some car boot sale along with Vilia (another camera that I yet have to try out). She decided to give it to me as she have never used them. Will keep you updated with next rolls.

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