31 January 2012

So finally it happened. My first exhibition.... Quite a last minute call but still pretty exciting. Finished printing yesterday so the rest is up to the organisers- Craig Barrowman from Slay Dog to install everything in bar99 and then BRING ON! opening party! For a little sneak peak Ive scanned some of the test strips from the work that will be hang up!

Hope to see you all there on Thursday!

11 January 2012

Well, it took me a while to get these developed.. Exhibition "Futrurising" by Kieran Mccruden. Photos from the opening day. Got there a wee bit earlier so found Kieran adding final touches to his masterpiece. I say masterpiece because I was lucky enough to be part of it. Yeah my first modelling session lol Unfortunately he took it off yesterday so at least you can see it here. All of his the photos are b&w developed, edited in darkroom and hand printed... I really like the post processed final versions and it was a pleasure to work with Kieran!

2 January 2012

As fighting the urge of writing B I G coursework, decided to write something less needed. Here a couple of landscapes and street shoots from the most vibrant, and interesting town to visit: Stirling..... NOT Ive been told after coming back that even Kinross looks like a Time Square compared to it, and must admit it can't be more right. Don't get me wrong, Castle and Wallace monument were pleasant for the eye, but started to count amount of times I crossed the main street and in 2 days it was a double digit figure. All in all, not the best place for partying, going out and staying more then few hours but worth stopping by.