23 March 2012

Agat 18k - is an inexpensive, lightweight, plastic, spy, weird, half frame camera that let you take 72 pictures in standard 36 35mm roll. I was going to take all 72 but the counter was not working and i was not sure if the camera is working so took probably 50 photos of nothing just to get it developed as soon as possible. To be honest I was not expecting anything from something that looks like straight from the kinder egg. And I didn't get much, it is a cheap crappy camera and photos are pretty poor. I love it tho! I cant wait for getting another 72 photos soon :) Got it from my Nanny when went home for Christmas last year. She bought it years ago at some car boot sale along with Vilia (another camera that I yet have to try out). She decided to give it to me as she have never used them. Will keep you updated with next rolls.

6 March 2012

Belter in Ballater

After enjoying sunny morning in Aberdeen, decided with Charlotte and Lola to get most of the rare nice weather and to go for a wee trip. Idea was to follow river Dee and The Royal Deeside Railway which finally took us to Ballater where we stopped to see Cambus O May station. Charlotte's grand dad bought it years ago and converted into a small cottage. You can see the photos of how it from 60's and some of the pics I took. Next to the cottage is an amazing suspension bridge. It was built in 1905 to give pedestrian access to the railway station. Highlight of the day was as always Lola. She disappeared few times, only to come back carrying enormous sticks. During the walk she awaken her inner gypsy/traveler bare-knuckle fighter and jumped a flock of sheep. After our desperate chase we finally found her around a mile away totally happy and knackered. Unfortunately there was no sign of sheep. Taking into consideration that it all happened just at the river side we have few possible scenarios... I would like to think that it was a fair fight and sheep managed to run away... otherwise it would be one big awkward turtle.....

4 March 2012


"Aberdeen - No jokes of any kind are understood here, I have not made one for two months, and if I feel one coming I shall bite my tongue."
James Clerk Maxwell (1831-79), on being elected to the Chair of Mathematics at Marischal College, Aberdeen.

1 March 2012

Working time

Another successful day in library... had a lunch break and picked up some negatives from developing. This time few mental people from work. Enjoy