30 April 2011


Next unplanned session (those are the best). Some more fun with flashguns and hard sunlight.
As a model my Italian friend Andrea who just came to visit me from Milano!
+ backstage photo and extra rollerskating snap :D

23 April 2011

Aberdeen Granite City Rally

To start with I would like to wish everyone Happy Easter! It took me a week to rest after last weekend and go through the photos from it. This time we have few photos from Aberdeen Granite City Rally that boys from garagelsd.com took me last weekend. After hardcore beer pong session at Casa deBoth and sleeping 2h we rushed to Stonehaven for the first stage of the rally....

11 April 2011

This time just a few snaps from Universities Curling Championships. Big thanks for Lewis for organising a legendary event and for all the people that came down to Stranraer to play and drink :D. I am still recovering after 3 heavy days of partying. Hopefully see you all guys soon!