12 November 2011

So, another long break... During that time I parted from my Canon and decided to turn to the dark side of film photography exclusively. Reasons being that I got bored with to many photos going through photoshop machine and with film you have this cliche of excitement with anticipation for getting negatives developed. So today Postman Pat was nice enough to bring me my Voightlander Nokton 35mm 1.4 so was hyped to go and test it. Firstly I had to buy batteries for cameras light meter and spent 0.5h in Boots with a guy from photo department crying over my camera thinking that light meter is broken when realised that light meter works only when the lens cap is off..... Nooobs!!! Because my dissertation proposal is due on Monday(best time to test camera) then all the test field was around the library, which sadly became my new home lately. Yes thats how I spend Saturdays nowadays. This is the first and the last colour film I went through with rangefinder as want to do B&W only... its just easier and cheaper for self-developing. ( btw massive thanks to Kieran for darkroom lesson). All the photos taken with (Leica m6 + nokton 35mm 1.4)

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